Florida Retirement Is Murder

Snowbirds do more than just Flock

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Snowbirds do more than just Flock

"Stewart Johnson had worked hard his entire life to reach  retirement. However, his Golden Years would prove to be more of a challenge than he anticipated after his wife passed away. Seeking to find peace of mind and warmth in Florida, Stewart became surrounded by a tribe of Snowbird residents who took him on a journey of laughter and sleuthing inside a gossip riddled community filled with the humorous dysfunction of overgrown children."

The setting is in Central Florida and the dramatic genre of "Fictional Satire Mystery Novel" appeals to both young and old. With the more-alike-than-different family ancestry, we all share some of the very same quirks and ability to laugh at ourselves. It is that level of vulnerable exposure inside the mind of senior citizens that we can all relate to with humor. This  book will cause the reader to laugh out-loud and relate back to their own memories or current life history, not to mention an entertaining 'Book Club' experience

This colorful Humorous Cozy Snowbird Mystery Story will fit perfectly on every shelf and screen.

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Dive into the whimsical world of "Florida Retirement Is Murder" where  retirement isn't just about rest and relaxation but an unexpected adventure into the heart of Central Florida's most colorfully quirky community.

Stewart Johnson, a recently widowed  retiree, expected nothing more than to settle quietly into his new life at Sun Gate, surrounded by the warmth of the Florida sun and the company of fellow snowbirds. Yet, life has other plans. Drawn into a community bursting with vibrant personalities and capricious intrigues, Stewart finds himself at the center of a laugh-out-loud mystery that will challenge his perceptions of friendship and fun.

This fictional satire comedy cozy mystery novel is not just a  book but an experience, inviting readers of all ages to revel in the humorous dysfunctions of a group of overgrown children—retirees whose antics and mysteries provide endless entertainment. From the first page to the last, readers will encounter a saga filled with suspense, laughter, and a series of shockers that will keep them on their toes.

Praise for '  Florida Retirement Is Murder':
  • "Great  Book!!! Loved the characters who all feel like family!! The ending was a shocker!!!"
  • "I want them as my friends!!! I swear this would make a great weekly TV show." 
  • "The character development is top-notch, and the suspense paired with hilarious antics makes for an unforgettable journey."

Whether you’re considering the snowbird lifestyle or simply looking for your next  book club treasure, "  Florida Retirement Is Murder" is your passport to a world where old age meets golden opportunities to laugh, solve mysteries, and maybe even act a little mischievous. Perfect for your summer beach reading list, this colorful story is poised to become a favorite on every bookshelf and screen, captivating you with its creative metaphors and the genuine camaraderie of Sun Gate.

Engage with the residents of Sun Gate—where every chuckle and plot twist promises that old age  retirement in Florida doesn’t get any better than this. Join Stewart as he evolves from a grieving widower to a champion of the eccentric and endearing seniors, ensuring everyone’s welfare with wit and a keen detective’s eye. It’s a place you'll wish to live, as long as you have Stewart looking after your welfare.

Laugh, guess, and reminisce with the Award-Winning 'BEST COZY MYSTERY TEAM' of 2023 and enjoy this Bestselling International Cozy Comedy "  Florida Retirement Is Murder," where snowbirds do more than just flock—they turn every day into an unforgettable adventure.
Florida Retirement Is Murder is a cozy mystery novel by award-winning author Kris Courtney, a resident of Sebring, Florida. The book is a satirical comedy set in a fictional retirement community in Central Florida that follows a group of retirees whose antics and mysteries provide suspense, laughter, and shockers.
Mystery, Drama, and a Touch of Humor Florida Retirement is Murder is a fun little cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. The story offers humor, drama, and mystery that will wet your appetite for more. The narration is well done, and the characters are well developed and believable. I really enjoyed this story because it packed a punch. I received this book for free upon my request. I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased review here voluntarily.


Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery Book

FLORIDA RETIREMENT IS MURDER - Award-Winning Cozy Comedy Mystery

Dive into a thrilling and humorous adventure set in sunny Florida. Join our witty retirees as they navigate through mysteries and laughter. Winner of the Audiobookreviewers 2023 'BEST Cozy Mystery Team 2023' Don't miss out on this award-winning bestseller!


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